Guidelines to Select the Right Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are an integral part of your mountain biking equipments since the right shoes can make your ride comfortable and help you to handle strenuous pedaling and difficult situations like feet swelling etc. during long mountain biking trips. There are a wide variety of mountain bike shoes available nowadays ranging from Clipless pedal shoes to custom-made mountain bike shoes. However there are some basic as well as individual specific factors which can help you decide and select your mountain bike shoes.

Investing in a good pair of mountain bike shoes is essential since they can comfort your feet and prove enjoyable, safe and efficient while you go mountain biking. Nowadays you can easily find shoes designed for use with clipless pedals as well as shoes with toe clips and standard pedals which give bikers the opportunity to pick and choose. However in the past the choices were limited and clipless pedals did not exist. Bikers had to struggle with shoes having toe-clips and this sometimes caused hindrance while riding. For instance, if there was an accident during the race, the biker could not free his feet from the toe-clips thus causing the biker to fall with the bike and hurt himself as well as damage the bike.

Shimano Pedaling Dynamics

The viable option of Clipless pedals available nowadays is preferred by bikers mainly because of the safety factor that they offer. An alternative to Clipless pedals are Mountain Bike shoes with Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD). So if your bike does not have the option of Clipless pedals, you could very well use mountain Bike shoes with SPD. A known fact is that apart from the general discomfort that bikers experience during mountain biking, there is also the trouble of feet swelling during treacherous terrains. It is therefore wise to use laceless mountain biking shoes. These not only provide comfort during general biking but also allow more room for your feet in case they swell.

Mountain Bike shoes are available in many varieties and options. There are mountain bike shoes having stiff soles for mountain bikers who require pedaling power. Then there are the flexible shoes which can be used while biking as well as trekking in the mountains. The choice is yours. However if the selection process seems confusing you could get the opinion and advice of other experienced biking enthusiasts or the salesperson at the mountain bike retail outlet.

Unlike in the past, mountain bike shoes can be custom-made to suit your liking or your specific requirement or the type of terrain you wish to explore during your next mountain biking trip. The basic principle to follow is that your mountain bikes pedals determine the type of shoes you should wear. Though having mountain bike shoes with either Velcro straps or complex straps instead of laces is a good choice since such shoes can be opened or unhooked. Also some more aspects for consideration while buying your mountain bike shoes is that the shoe should be a little curved at the ball of the foot and the soles should be smooth, tough and inflexible. Basically the shoes should be adaptable while you are mountain biking. You’re also going to want to wear the right beanie with your shoes. I suggest the Daily Knit Beanie by Tough Headwear – Warm, Stretchy & Soft Beanie Hats for Men & Women – Year Round Comfort – Serious Beanies for Serious Style Black OSFA. It’s very comfortable and lightweight.

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