25 Signs That You Are A Mountain Bike Addict

If you like to ride your mountain bike regularly, you have probably listened to family and friends speak of your addiction. There are so many joys associated with riding a mountain bike that it is easy to become addicted to this healthy activity. Here are 25 signs that you may be a mountain bike addict:

1. When you take a ride on your favorite trail, you have a special glow for the next couple of days. It is so noticeable that others may think you have met a special someone.

2. You have a mountain bike that is as expensive as a nice used vehicle, maybe even your own. In fact, you may even have more than one bike that claims a larger price tag than the car you drive each day.

3. Others dream of having a nice sports car; you, as a mountain bike addict, dream of a truck with a set up that will allow you to transport multiple mountain bikes safely and easily. Or, at least a car with a great bike rack on top!

4. When you find yourself driving along mountainous roads, you frequently get distracted dreaming about riding along trails that are there or making your own.

5. You are always looking at your catalogs and online sites trying to figure out if you have enough money to purchase a new bike.

6. Instead of pictures of your family or friends, you have pictures of your mountain bike and the trips you have made with it all over your social media accounts. Even your significant other may not fare as well!

7. You have scab covered shins more often than not. This would be from the various injuries that occur while you are on the trail. From tiny rocks being thrown by the tires or branches whipping into them, these marks are a price you pay.

8. Some people only have one set of tires for their mountain bikes. However, you have several to make sure you are prepared for all seasons and eventualities.

9. When you recall people you meet on the trail, you make note of the bike they were riding, not their names. Just as car aficionados pay attention to the vehicle a person drives, you are more concerned with the mountain bike under them.

10. In honor of your favorite pastime, you have opted to get a chainring tattoo on your calf, maybe even both of them. This way you pay homage to the chain grease that is inevitably there from time to time.

11. Although you cringe at the thought of putting fuel in your car, much less investing in repairs and upkeep, your bike is another matter. With it, you are willing to spend whatever is necessary and more to keep it looking and operating fantastically.

12. In fact, you appreciate your mountain bike so much more than your car that it is more likely to get a good wash. While you may run your car through the local car wash once in a while when a sale is going on, your bike is meticulously cleaned on a regular basis as you gleam with pride at the appearance.

13. Dating conversations always include mountain bikes. And, the real sign you are a mountain bike addict, is that you try to end dates early if the other party indicates a disinterest in the activity.

14. When you walk into your local bike shop, the employees know exactly who you are. Some of them may greet you by name or ask how your latest accessory is working out.

15. In fact, you may be such an expert on the products and spend so much time at the shop that other customers might think you are an employee. If you have people walk up to you and ask questions about the bikes, you may be a bike junkie!

16. Among the items in your garage is a box of mountain bike parts for ones you do not even own. Whether you inherited these little gems or have them left over from previous bikes, you keep them just in case you may have a future use for them.

17. While everyone has some type of marks that show off their hobbies, yours are somewhat unique on your legs. Tan lines at the top of your socks topped by dirty calves is a common sign for mountain bike addicts.

18. When the subject of the local hospital comes up, you have more than one story that involves a bike. In fact, you may even exhibit a bit of pride when discussing your escapades that have led to the ER.

19. When friends show off expensive new items, you equate it with the mountain bike or components that could have been purchased instead. Whether it is a brand new tennis bracelet or a laptop computer, you see the missed mountain bike opportunity.

20. One of your favorite foods is energy bars because they are great to take on your mountain bike. Who needs a hot meal?

21. When the weather report comes on the news, you envision the local trails and how they will be affected by the upcoming events.

22. When you see circles, you think of wheels, which makes you think of hitting the trails. Therefore, practically everything makes you think of taking a ride.

23. You realize that you spend more time with your bike than you do with your significant other.

24. You have or are considering getting a tattoo that includes a bad to the bone mountain bike.

25. Your friends regularly tag you in social media posts that have to do with mountain bikes, trails or any of the addictive things that go along with it.

As you can see, the signs are all there. If this sounds like you, take heart. There are many others who have also discovered the addictive joy of hopping on a mountain bike and riding for hours!

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