30 Upgrades To Improve Your Mountain Bike Performance

As a mountain bike owner, you truly low it to yourself to be sure that you are doing everything that you can to keep your bike up to great performance standards. This will make it safer and will allow it to last for years. With this in mind, follow these 30 tips below in order to get all that you can out of your mountain bike.

#1: Get New Handle Bars
Never be afraid to spend some money on your handlebars. A quality stem and handle can r Allun you about $100 or more. However, it is well worth the money since you will be better able to steer and absorb shock.

#2: Purchase A More Comfortable Bike Seat
Since you will be spending a good deal of time on your mountain bike, one of the best things to invest in is a plush, comfortable bike seat. This lets you enjoy your ride and prevent bruising and other issues that can be incredibly painful.

#3: Improve The Pedals
The pedals that typically come with mountain bikes are usually hard plastic without much grip. In order to upgrade your bike, buy some high performance pedals that come equipped with plenty of grip and durability.

#4: Upgrade Your Tires
The tires are perhaps the most important component to your mountain bike. Because of this, you should take it upon yourself to buy performance grade tires that are suited to the type of riding that you enjoy. For instance, if you hike trails, you will need a set of tires that can accommodate you. If you want to climb steep terrain on streets and sidewalks, purchase tires that are suitable for the street. Look into the highest quality brands that you can shop for.

#5: Buy A Bigger Front Rotor
When you want to be able to stop on a dime, you will want to upgrade to a new set of rotors. Make sure that you buy a rotor that has god size and is made with solid metal.

#6: Hire A Professional For A Mountain Bike Tune Up
Without question, you will need the help and service of a professional in order to make the most out of your bike performance. Get a pro to tune up all moving parts so that you can navigate with ease.

#7: Invest In A Mountain Bike Maintenance Plan
There are some great bike maintenance plans that you can purchase from a bike shop. Some maintenance points include greasing, inspection, suspension repair and more.

#8: Hang Around Experienced Riders
Link up with great riders! This will give you valuable experience and information that will carry you far.

#9: Buy An Emergency Repair Kit
An emergency repair kit should consist of sockets, screw drivers, wrenches and more.

#10: Upgrade Your Brake System
You need to be careful about the way that you maintain your brakes. After bleeding and inspecting them continuously, you may need to consider buying brand new, high performance brakes.

#11: Keep The Mountain Bike Clean
Invest in a wash and wax kit, so that your bike doesn’t develop rust and wear, which can be dangerous and take years off of the bike.

#12: Tune The Wheels
In addition to the tires, you should make sure that the wheels remain in order, without cracks and unnecessary wear.

#13: Maintain The Drive Train And Chain
When you do not maintain your drive train and chain, it will deal with corrosion, especially since your bike drives along trails.

#14: Make Sure That All Cables Are Inspected And Lubricated
Look into the condition off your cables, so that they don’t fall apart or begin to rush. A quality set of grease will allow you to keep the cables up to par.

#15: Lubricate All Of The Moving Parts
Invest in high end grease and oil in order to keep your moving parts at their best.

#16: Get A New Paint Job When Necessary
Apply a great paint job to your bike so that it not only looks great, but also stays cool in the summer heat.

#17: Keep Your Tires Inflated
Buy a tire gauge and pump so that you have a comfortable ride and so that you don’t unnecessarily wear down the rubber.

#18: Do Business With A Great Bike Shop That You Can Trust
There are plenty of great bike shops that you can do business with, so make sure that you find the help of one that gives excellent service, in the same way you would go to a doctor to protect your health.

#19: Purchase High Performance Replacement Parts
Never skimp on the quality of your replacement parts. Instead, purchase professional grade parts.

#20: Fix The Gears
Be sure that your gears shift smoothly. If the gears are beginning to skip, you should take the bike in for immediate service.

#21: Invest In A Great Grip
Since you need to keep your hands on the bike snugly for better steering, be sure that you invest in excellent hand grips.

#22: Always Test Ride Before Hitting The Road or Trail
Any time that you get any work done to your bike or service it yourself, take a test ride before getting back on the road or trail, so that you can ride safely and test the repairs.

#23: Adjust Your Bike To Your Height And Weight
You should always make sure that your bike is customized in a way that it gives you a smooth ride, based on your body weight and height.

#24: Tighten All Screws, Nuts, Bolts And Other Connections
Periodically inspect all components and connections of the bike, so that all screws, nuts and bolts are tight and under control.

#25: Repair and Maintain Your Axles
When your axles are shaky or loose, you run the risk of losing a tire or damaging your wheel, so always repair and maintain your axles.

#26: Give Your Bike An Inspection After Every Single Ride
Before you put your bike away after a ride, run a quick scan, so that you recognize that the bike stays at its best.

#27: Wipe Your Suspension System Down
Get a shop rag and wipe down the suspension so that mud and grime don’t clog the shocks and forks, or by leaking debris into your suspension oil.

#28: Get Annual Inspection And Maintenance
Take your bike in to a shop so that you can get yearly maintenance on it from a licensed and insured professional.

#29: Buy A Quality Bike Repair Stand
Purchase a bike stand so that you have quick and easy access to your bike so that you can swap out tires, access gears and more without having to lift the bike off the ground.

#30: Make Sure Your Frame Does Not Have Stress Marks
Take a flash light and look into the different joining points of the frame, to make sure that it is not weakening with cracks and stress marks.

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